Thank you and…

I have exactly zero experiences with writing a blog (as you will find out reading this content in a while).

Let them tell that you can´t do it while you are actually working on it in silence…

So here I am….slovak girl that after secondary school studied medieval latin (archival sciences like paleography and heraldry) and who is for already almost 10 years teaching cuban dances. Eh…that is just soooo…. yes….weird.

Actually….that is some people’s favourite adjective to describe my personality.

I don´t want to bother you (for now) with how I started to dance, teach salsa and all those blablablas that you could read in the part „Biography“.

I just want to thank you, for showing the interest in knowing my work, my story and learn with me or walk with me the path to the deeper understanding of such a rich culture, that the cuban one for sure is.

I will share with you here regularly some of my thoughts, reflections, stories connected to dance, culture, religion or my „cuban“ connections.

Welcome to the blog of slovak santera, eternal dreamer and dedicated dancing weirdo! 🙂


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