The world´s phenomenon

As the most popular cuban dance style nowadays I decided to mention it as a first one.

Based on social science research casino was a social (couple) dance style created by "white" cubans during the mid-1950s. Noticable origins are in son cubano, with figures and turns from chachacha, mambo, guaguancó or danzón.

Nowadays, as the dance was transformed by it´s evolution we can observe in what we now call "cuban salsa" the liberty and the (before forbidden) influence of so called "black" roots of cuban culture (afrocuban traditional dances and movements).

Ask her to dance!

cuban ladies style

Bodymovement and technique improvement

Strenghtening the fundamentals, improving your technique, learning how to use different parts of the body...

What we "forgot" to use along the way...movements of chest, arms, right position of the body (!).

Or simply an inspiration for the moments of improvisation while not dancing in couple!

Feminity boost!

afrocuban folklore

Roots, tradition, essence

More and more we are diving back into the roots of salsa.

The world´s trend is to incorporate afro-cuban movements to salsa...and actually, the biggest cuban orchestras are playing music that asks for it.

Let me guide you through the history of cuban dances....rumba, dances of Yorubas, dances of Arará or Bantú tribes.

Why? To feel the diversity, the base, even the spiritual context of the deep and rich cuban culture.

son cubano

The father of salsa

You really have to try it. The elegance itself!

A real gamechanger from "Oriente" that conquered Havana and the whole world...

For all of you who think that it is not essential to learn son, I have to tell you, that a lot of nowadays songs actually have son clave. Let´s learn to understand music and what she is leading us to.

"Baila contratiempo conmigo!"

Which one to choose? Ask me...

Don´t hesitate to ask me more about the dance styles I teach...